Sorry I’ve been away. Depression is real amd affects everyone. This week I finally have enough energy to catch you up on what’s going on, show some upcoming products, and I test 3 California 510 carts back to back in a mini head-to-head taste review. The carts reviewed are Greenline’s Apple Tree distillate, Gelato’s Jack Herer distillate, and Halara’s craft product, the Papaya Cake live resin liquid diamond sauce.

I don’t have the energy yet to do my full produced reviews, so I recorded this live in one take! Use the timestamps to find the parts you like best. Take care, and see you all soon.

00:00 – Product shot
00:10 – Mental health update
01:17 – Papa’s Herb Zkittles Disposable Vape
01:45 – Heavy Hitters Pineapple Express Live Resin 510 vape cart
02:16 – 710 Labs Zeven Up Live Rosin Concentrate Pod
03:06 – Intro to the 3 cart review
03:28 – Price comparisons
04:19 – Greenline Apple Tree Hybrid 510 Vape Cart
07:47 – Gelato (brand) Jack Herer 510 vape cart
12:24 – Halara Papaya Cake Live Resin Liquid Diamond Sauce 510 vape cart
15:56 – Summary and parting words
16:52 – Marker 4

Andy Morris

As a mental health advocate, I have been speaking at conferences and growing Brainbuzz - my mental health brand and Youtube channel. I share my experiences with anxiety and depression in the field of UX and how they relate to the experiences we craft. I am available and actively seeking more speaking engagements.

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