This week I’m in Langley Township in BC, and I finally get to share a close look at the pre-release product Cake sent me. It’s an e-Rig similar to PuffCo’s devices, but this concentrate atomizer has a few interesting tricks up its sleeves – even working with Cake’s own carts to be released soon! The included atomizer features a ceramic disc for even heating and easy cleaning, and works with shatter, wax, diamond sauce and other 710 concentrates. With a very long battery life, and an easy-to-clean design, this e-rig makes using concentrates easy and sensory-friendly. I take a detailed look at this 710 rig, go through all the various functions, and test it on camera to show you everything you need to know. Watch the review for all the details.

*Note: This is NOT a sponsored ad. While Cake sent me the device and a nice merch package for free, I was not paid for this video. As with all my reviews, my opinions are genuine and honest. I never conceal anything, and try my best to point out all shortcomings as much as the positive features.

For more info on this product, visit or follow Cake on socials @officialcakebrand and @eatcake710. More details to be added when I have more to share.

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Hi! I’m Andy. I use cannabis to help treat my anxiety and depression. As a first time user over the age of 40, I was nervous about my journey into weed. I found it difficult to find content that was easy to digest, wasn’t filled with slang terms or in-jokes, and had a focus on the effects when viewed from a mental health perspective. So that’s what I created! My Cannabis 2.0 reviews are simple, honest, and approachable.

Timestamps:00:00 – Start
00:15 – Product shot
00:45 – Intro
01:21 – Unboxing
02:49 – Breakdown of components
04:15 – How it works
06:12 – Using the device with shatter
07:58 – Other features
08:51 – Reviewing the device
09:46 – Cleaning
10:15 – Design review
11:26 – Design details
12:40 – Final verdict

Andy Morris

As a mental health advocate, I have been speaking at conferences and growing Brainbuzz - my mental health brand and Youtube channel. I share my experiences with anxiety and depression in the field of UX and how they relate to the experiences we craft. I am available and actively seeking more speaking engagements.

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