It happened again. I was about to award the Purple Punchsicle a spot in my top 3 carts for 2023, but the FIFTH (!!!) cart I buy from them was defective. Again. This time from a different dispensary.

I reached out to Dymond Concentrates for comment, but they have not responded at this time other than to say anyone with a defective cart can contact them for a full refund.

If you have a defective cart, email for help.

Your health and safety are important, and their lack of quality control places your health at risk. Until I get an official statement from Dymond Concentrates, my recommendation is to avoid this cart.

Andy Morris

As a mental health advocate, I have been speaking at conferences and growing Brainbuzz - my mental health brand and Youtube channel. I share my experiences with anxiety and depression in the field of UX and how they relate to the experiences we craft. I am available and actively seeking more speaking engagements.

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